Avast Secure Browser Review – 100% Free! | Secure!! | Fast!!! With More Privacy!!!!

We are up to it again Avastium ‘ Avast Secure Browser ‘ by Avast SafeZone;

What is a SafeZone? … Let’s Rid deeper on Latest Version of Avast Secure Browser.

Avast Secure Browser Review

Why Avast Secure Browser …?

It’s setten that Avast Secure Bowser seize as the best secure Web Browser worldwide; How is this possible? … Hear me out with the following details about Avast SafeZone.

Avast for ages have made it a point to all you wish to get protection against Virus attack on their various platforms, device both Mobile, Tab, and PC and More on storage devices like Flast, SD Card and other external storage devices like the External Hard disk and Floppy Disk etc.

Meanwhile, we are always there for you Avast internet Security says. Protecting your device and Data both online and offline daily. How can you rate us better; Now, Avast opens up a suggestion box for you Today.

It’s quite an awesome fact when you express how best Avast security has given help to you either with the free Antivirus or the one you paid for. Still, if an to tell you the fact here; then listing – Both save the same purpose but one has more Features that the other Avast security Pro Version.

Our Antivirus Protection is also embedded on the Avastium that is we refer to Avast Secure Browser as Avast SafeZone. isn’t that awesome? …

Avast secure Web Browser Benefits

Free Account synchronization – Do you have an active Avast Account? … It’s simple and easy to create with any active email of your choice but I recommend you make use of Google Account ‘Powerful Gmail Account’.

Free Avast Account for you

Unlimited Bookmarks, browser’s History savings and more

Very Fast in loading pages of Blogs, sites, social platforms and other online Activities

Support privacy Mode

Secure and better in data management

No automatic file download except little catches and Cookies

Support Ads blocking just as the user wishes

 Avast Secure Browser is known as Another Browser; Why?

Here is what Avast Browser have for you as an Antivirus, as a Company and Now! as Avastium Browser;

Another browser? Yes. Because you need one that’s been built with your best interests in mind. One that doesn’t follow you each time you search, click on a link or buy something. One that brings all your privacy and security tools together in one familiar place.

So after bringing you the world’s leading antivirus, our experts have now built you their dream browser — private, fast, and secure

Almost done! Avast Secure Browser installation

Follow these 3 easy steps to complete your Avast installation on your Windows Operating System and If your download did not start automatically, please click here.

Step 1. Run the Avast installer

Click the downloaded file at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 2. Confirm the installation

Click “Yes” on the system dialog window to approve the start of your Avast installation.

Step 3. Follow setup instructions

Click the button in the installer window to begin the installation as Follows;

  1. Note the file downloaded most need an internet connection to run and download the other essential files
  2. After download, select Allow to run the files on your device
  3. Select Agree with the terms and conditions
  4. Select directories where you will like to save the file on your device local desk (C:)
  5. Click Next and Finish with last button below.

Now, you enjoy what avast have to offer free of charge.

Alternative Secure Web Browsers

Chromium Browser

Google Chrom Browser

Firefox Quantum

UC Browser

Opera Touch

Yandex Browser – The location changer!.


According to< bestantiviruspro.org  > In our opinion, Avast Secure Browser is an efficient tool which blocks ads, provides anti-tracking, anti-phishing, anti-fingerprinting protection. The new product is compatible with Windows 7,8, 8.1, and 10. The browser’s undisputable advantage is that you don’t need to download Avast antivirus to use it.

Avast Secure Browser Extensions and Features

Avast Secure browser includes a few built-in browser extensions. You can see three extension icons on the toolbar. From the toolbar, you can access ad-blocking, and video downloading features and go to Security & Privacy Center.

To see the complete list of seven extensions, you may go to secure://extensions/ (type this in the address line). Here is what you will find there:

  • Adblock – blocks all unwanted website adds.
  • Avast Passwords – allows choosing a strong password and store it safely.
  • Avast SecureLineVPN – secures your internet connection; integrates with the SecureLine VPN in the browser. Note that you need to have the appropriate VPN software on your PC to use the extension.
  • Bank Mode – toggle to a virtual desktop for secure access to online banking sites.
  • HTTPS Encryption – makes websites use HTTPS encryption (note that this is possible with sites which have their SSL certificate only).
  • Privacy Cleaner – provides anti-tracking protection by clearing your browsing history.
  • Video Downloader – allows downloading videos to your device (from YouTube, for example).

Note that Avast Passwords and Avast Bank Mode are disabled by default. To use those, you need to have dedicated Avast security programs installed on your computer.

More Extended Features:

  • Anti-Fingerprinting – won’t let anyone track you hiding real data about your browser.
  • Anti-Phishing – blocks suspicious websites and dangerous downloads.
  • Extension Guard – will block untrusted browser extensions (which usually arrive with big promotional websites).
  • Flash Blocker – allows blocking flash content which provides better speeds when using the browser.
  • Stealth Mode – makes sure no cookies get settled in your computer.

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