Daad Young Professionals Scholarship for Students in Developing Countries-Daad AgEcon Scholarship in Germany for All Scholars

The Daad Young Professionals Scholarship is one of the best scholarships for young scholars in Germany and it is carried out by the German academic exchange service. Furthermore, the German academic service is under the coordination of development related postgraduate courses (EPOS). Many young scholars especially those in developing countries can now apply and secure admission to the courses provided.

Daad Young Professionals Scholarship5

Are you an African student? Or a student that is not a citizen of Germany? Then this is what you need to help you in that your academic pursuit. You can start the application under

The 2020 AgEcon scholarship in Germany is a scholarship many developing countries would like to secure, so therefore take a seat and let me give you a few details about this scholarship.

One of the basic aims of the daad scholarship is that they educate scholars in developing countries with more specialized studies.

I want you to know that the scholarship is open for students aiming for post graduate studies and in wide range of courses.

This is to say that, it is a fully funded program for Masters and Ph.D degree programs.all the expenses during the study programs are covered.

Brief Info on the Daad Agecon Scholarship

Scholarship coverage: fully funded

Host country: Germany

Host university: The daad scholarship is offered by many universities in Germany

Duration of scholarship: for Master’s program, it is 1-2 years but for Ph.D program, it is within the range of 3-4 years

Degree level: master and Ph.d degree in all fields

Scholarship status: online

Eligible countries: students from developing countries are eligible to apply

Deadline: The deadline to apply for the daad scholarship always varies with universities. Each university has their own deadline. So you have to apply according to the German university you are applying for.

Do I Stand a Chance with the Daad Scholarship?

If this questions pops out to me, then is definitely a yes. There are lots of benefit for scholars who tend to further their studies. Daad scholarship is there to make more students better and with better opportunity of moving to the next level. So many students feel happy to be among those applicants who are able to apply for a fully funded scholarship program that covers all expenses within the duration program. Finally, students of all nationality are invited to apply for this scholarship.

Cover Expenses by 2020-2021 Daad Scholarship

  1. Payments (monthly) of 850 euros for the master students.
  2. Payments (monthly) of 1200 euros for Ph.d students.
  3. Funds up to 12-36 months which is dependent on study program.

Various Programs Offered by Daad Young Professionals Scholarship 

Below are the various list of programs available to study in the daad scholarship for the masters and Ph.d degree program:


Development cooperation

Regional and urban planning

Agricultural and forest science

Medical and public health

Media studies

Social science , education and law

Natural and environmental sciences

Engineering and related sciences

Economic science/Business administration

Application Documents Needed for the Daad Young Professionals Scholarship Scholarship 

The documents you should try and obtain before applying for this scholarship are:

  1. A hand signed letter of motivation, maximum of 2 pages with current reference to occupation.
  2. Download the DAAD application form online
  3. A hand signed CV
  4. Letter of recommendation. This should have a letter head, signature, office stamp and current date.
  5. Professional letter of recommendation(experience letter) from employer.
  6. Original copies of awarded academic degree certificates
  7. Copy of your academic transcript
  8. Language test cert: TOEFL or IELTS. Either of the two language cert is really needed during the application process.

Eligibility criteria of Young Professionals Scholarship 

All applicants must fulfill the following to be part of, or eligible for the scholarship.

  1. Applicants must have at least two years of professional experience.
  2. Students applying for this must have a bachelor degree (usually 4 years course) in any courses.
  3. The academic degree certificate obtained by the scholar must should have been completed not more than 6 six years after graduation.
  4. Get more information at the scholarship brochure when you visit the official website.
  5. Students will have to prove their motivation is really development base related. This will show more insights on their social responsibility and support processes of change.