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Here you will learn how to get your business on Google Maps in few clicks to Google my Business.

Google My Business Online

Do you have a business or businesses? My advice to you is that you should increase your business visibility online.

How can you Google my business for online visibility today? Giving you a clear information now on Google Boost ability of business. Google has provided a free plate form were the business owner and customers can buy and sell free, this platform is made in such a nice way to help both buyers and seller to easily locate themselves with else no matter where there are at a time.

Google My Business Online – Get on Google Maps

How secure is this business.Google.com is? This question is the first and the most asked for no one wish to be duped in any form.

Throwing more light on this issue Google my business is very secure the sense that owners of businesses provide what the have well arranged and labeled online and it is left for a customer who needs that Goods or service to demand for them and on this plate form you should only pay for what that is delivered to you. That means Google my business runs on pay after during or after service or still pay on delivery if finished Goods.

As out can see there is no room for fraud of any kind. Now you should start today to Google my business which will help on a long run to boost the visibility of your business worldwide.

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This business plate by Google is free for all you have a business or who wish to establish one today. For you to make this possible you should have a Google ID and this Google account registration is free to register so as you can now see from what I said before that all here is free you do have to pay for many things but the only this you need to do is to click to start to google my business registration.

How to create Google my business account @ business.google.com

First, hoping that you have you google ID mail and the authorized password follow these few steps

From any browser but I recommend Google Chrome for your reasons is that you will be making use of Google account so if already it will be very easy for you to access your Google account, Google Chrome is fast, Chrome synchronizes very fast with Google account and much more.

Go to Google.com/business and the page login with google account ID as follows

Enter your Google email address ” Gmail ID ” Username and account password

Click Login to send the login request

Search your business and Address ‘ business Location ‘.

Did you see your business name there? Select bit if not click to add your business name and Address

Select your business product or service type

Click to Select the range of your business on reaching customers

Select business working days and hours

Add your business Labels or categories

Add your business pictures and post about business detail

Next, click the ” Mail me my code ” option to revive a verification code by mail within 1-2 weeks.

Note – during your Google my business registration your location should be very accurate like the as follow

  • First, you have to provide the correct business
  • street address
  • City address
  • State address
  • Country or region
  • Mobile number
  • Country poster code

For is there is any mistake in the above enter your Google my business verification code will be sent to another location different from what you have in mind as your main location.

What will you do when you receive Google my business Online verification code?

Upon receiving your Googlemybusiness code, visit business.Google.Com

Click to select Business page, click on the red ” Verify Now ” button to enter the verification code.

Now verified congregation for your business is visibility on Google Maps is now 100% boosted free.

How can you manage your Google my business?

For your business to bum well online there the few things you should be doing…

Have a smart mobile phone or PC for online access

You can download and install google MY business App free for better business.Google.com access

As you business keep grows due to update the newly added business distribution location.

Google my business registration is free and you can download Google my business app now or you can search ‘ Google my business ‘ on google play store for android and on iTunes store for Apple devices like iPhone, iPads, iPods… And for other devices like BlackBerry, Mac and PC you download from Google.com/business.

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Do communicate with me using the comment box for more clarification if there is anything you don’t understand.

Thanks and Good luck as you grow your business on Google my business free best platform

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