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Moving to the United States – Tips and Tricks for Relocating

Moving to the United States of America is still a tremendously thrilling possibility for many people from all over the world. However, most people’s goal is to live the American dream. But the difficulty of moving to the United States depends on many factors.

One of these factors is what you do for a living, which typically determines the category of employment you fall under. Therefore, if you fall under the Employment First Preference E1, which are persons with extraordinary abilityoutstanding professors and researchers, multinational managers or executives). Then, you will find moving to the US a lot easier than if you are in the Employment Third Preference E3 bracket (i.e., skilled workers, professionals, unskilled workers).

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We’ve put up this moving checklist to help you make sure you’ve covered everything (and prevent being overwhelmed). But before we move to this checklist, we will first list the things you should know about the United States before moving to the country.

Things You Should Know Before Moving to the United States

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When you are moving from one country to another, it shouldn’t surprise you that there will be quite a few or complete differences in the culture. However, the United States is no exception regarding this fact. Although the United States has the highest population of immigrants from all over the world, it has cultural diversity.

However, you won’t feel like a fish out of the water as the US culture has been shaped by the unique blend of the many different lifestyles, traditions, and ways of thinking that make up 50 diverse states. But at least you should be prepared for certain things. Therefore, we have randomly picked some of the most essential things in the US culture that we think you should be aware of before moving to the United States.

No two American States are the same.

One major thing you should know when moving to the United States is that each of the 50 states in the US can be seen as its own separate country. That is to say, each state has a different culture, traditions, and even laws. However, you should expect this in a country of 3.8 million square miles.

Moreover, across the 50 states in the United States, you will be surprised to find a wide variety in everything from accents and dialects to laws and even politics. You will wonder if you are still in the same country when you board from one state to another. Therefore, check the specific regulations of the state you wish to relocate to when moving to the United States.


Another thing you should know when moving to the United States is that healthcare is not free. Unlike the UK, the United States does not have a National Health Service. That is to say, public healthcare does not exist in the United States. This is why it is essential that have private health insurance to avoid the high medical bills in the country.

However, most employers do cover health insurance bills for their employees. Although the option is usually only available to full-time workers, the plans they provide are not always sufficient. So you might need to pay for additional coverage.


Moreover, work is taken very seriously in the United States. However, if you don’t joke with your holidays, about to the United States might prove a bit of a shock to you. Employees do not typically take more than two weeks of vacation annually in the US.

Besides, the United States of America is the only developed economy in the world where employers are not required by law to provide paid leave. But most businesses in the country do offer some holiday allowance. Working overtime in the US is a common and essential part of business culture. To sum up, US citizens often put their careers as their main priority and expect the same from foreigners who come to work in the country as well.

Furthermore, on the other side, the rewards are usually worth t. The average salary in the United States is generally high for a skilled worker. That is to say, if you can secure a job in high demand in the US, you can expect to receive enough money to live comfortably in the country.

However, other essential things in the US culture you should know include:

  • Patriotism is taken seriously
  • Tipping waiters/ waitresses are highly recommended
  • Guns are very important to US Americans
  • Thanksgivings are enormous in the US
  • Christianity is essential
  • Drinking alcohol has to wait until 21 and many more.

You can see more of the cultural differences between your country and the US here to view more of the cultural differences between your country and the US by entering your country of residence.

Moving (Relocating) to the United States: 12 Important Tips and tricks:

Moreover, when relocating to the United States, whether for business or personal reasons, here are a few things you should make yourself aware of to ease the adjustment process.

Travel to the United States of America

America is a large country with a wide range of living styles and environments depending on where you are. You might want to travel to a few states to determine which one is right for you. During these types of preliminary travels, you might attend job interviews in the hopes of securing a job that will help you apply for a US visa.

You must be sure that you are relocating to America for the right reasons. This implies you shouldn’t believe all you’ve heard about the United States from the media or others. To that aim, you should organize a fact-finding expedition to America, where you will acquire essential details about living in the United States. Learn about job openings, wages, real estate, and overall quality of life.

Arrange for Temporary Housing

You’ll need somewhere to stay as soon as you arrive, so book a hotel, an Airbnb property, or a vacation home that you can use as your initial base. When choosing a neighborhood to reside in, lodging with a local property owner allows you to benefit from their local expertise.

Get Your Things Out of Your Way

Oversized items, such as furniture, will require container transit and sea freight to arrive in the United States. You may have them sent to your hotel if you provide your hotel address.

Open an Account With an American Bank

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Set up a bank account with a debit card so you can pay for items without carrying cash with you all the time. You’ll undoubtedly wish to transfer money from your old bank account to your new one in the United States. You should make the transfer when the rates are most favorable to you.

When you move to the United States, you will need to open an American bank account to conveniently pay your expenses and get your paycheck. To open an account, you’ll usually require evidence of address, a passport, immigration paperwork, and your social security number. Make sure you’re savvy about how you go about it by looking around for the most significant money transfer offer and keeping an eye on currency rates.

Secure Your Health Insurance

Employers frequently contribute to health insurance, so check with yours to see whether you’re covered. Comprehensive medical insurance is recommended above a budget alternative because the latter may not cover some medical testing.

Be Familiar With the Laws in the United States

These include the requirement in some places for homeowners to clear snow off the sidewalk in front of their homes and the fact that gambling is prohibited in several locations.

Conduce Pre-research

Use the internet to learn everything you can about the United States. Make a list of areas you’d want to reside and apply for any jobs that fit your qualifications. Make a schedule for when you should hand in your notice at your current work, travel to the United States for job interviews, and sell any properties you own.

Get a sense of what kind of employment is available and where they are most common. You should understand the steps involved in obtaining a visa and how long each takes.

Get a Visa to the United States

Obtaining the necessary US visa, or Green Card is one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome when relocating to America. You’ll most likely be able to get a Green Card through your family or your employment (although other ways also exist). You will need to apply for an F1 student visa if you want to study in America as an international student.

Allow many months to finish the application procedure before your intended move to America. A visa petition to US Citizenship and Immigration Services is the first step in this procedure. The National Visa Center takes over after the application is accepted and gives directions for the official visa application and interviews.

If you already have a US citizen family member, they can apply for you to join them; alternatively, if you have a permanent job offer in the US, you can apply for immigrant status.

Make Yourself at Home

Before your big journey to America, there will be a lot of loose ends to tie up back home. You should also ensure that you have all the documents required in the United States.

Your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, and medical documents will likely be the requirements.

Get a Number for Social Security

If you didn’t apply for a social security number during your visa application, you should do so after you arrive in the United States.

To apply, go to your local Social Security Administration office and present documentation that you have permission to work in the United States.

Search for Long-term Accommodation

Whether you want to rent long-term or buy a home, you should start looking for permanent housing as soon as possible to avoid paying expensive short-term rental or hotel fees for an extended period.

Be aware of any additional fees that come with renting, such as one month’s rent as a deposit, damage deposit, and rental charge if there is high demand for rentals in your region. It’s also worth noting that the realtor’s commission is paid by the property’s seller.

Utilities Must be Sorted out

After you’ve settled into your new home or apartment, look around for the most fantastic bargain on utilities, including phone, internet, electricity, and gas.

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However, whether it is your first time moving abroad or you have relocated multiple times, the process can raise many questions. The guide provided in this post will ease every process step, including your doubts. Meanwhile, the process of moving to the United States can be complicated. You must get familiar with local customs laws.

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